"We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too"

A very barbaric set of pictures which convey the Israeli settler’s mindset of how to deal with human rights workers.

The human rights workers were accompanying Palestinian schoolchildren to make sure they were not harassed by settlers, which they frequently are.

The stunning pictures of Rachel Corrie being run over by a D-9 caterpillar in 2003 were but a glimpse of how the IDF and the settlers place value on lives of humanitarian workers.

Utterly despicable; I cannot describe it any other way.

“God’s chosen people” ?

PS where is the NYT, Washington Post, CNN, FOXNEWS, MSNBC when it comes to reporting events like this one?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  1. Logipundit says:

    Insanely tragic. There is no excuse for it.

    BTW, I assume the title is a commentary on scare tactics. “Coming to your hometown” was not Johnny B’s title. This however was a title of your choice.

    Baiting and “gotcha” blogs are not appreciated, from any of us.


  2. scottie says:

    I took an excerpt from the article, which you should have read.

    It was said, and not by me, but by the Israeli settlers.

    Not exactly a scare tactic when the comment was reported verbatim, dude.

  3. scottie says:

    Furthermore, if you want to classify the article as a “gotcha” blog, whatever that means, that’s fine, call it what you want.

    The tragedy remains, and largely unreported, and if you think this is atypical behavior from Israeli settlers with IDF forces looking on, you are flat wrong.

    These incidents are frequent, but not always can one find photos to go along with the indicents.

  4. scottie says:


  5. Em says:

    “IDF cancels air strike to avoid harming Palestinian human shields
    The IDF canceled a planned air strike on the home of a militant in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday after several hundred Palestinians barricaded themselves inside the building, an IDF spokesman and witnesses said.

    Palestinian sources said the protest against the planned IAF strike was first of its kind to have in effect prevented an air strike. An IDF spokesman said the strike had been called off so to avoid inflicting civilian casualties.

    Hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield around the home of the militant in Beit Lahia late Saturday to prevent an Israel Air Force air strike on the building, residents said.

    “The attack plan was canceled because of the people there,” the spokesman said. “We differentiate between innocent people and terrorists,” he added.”


    I’ve read quite a few pieces where Isrealis are p-oed about how “soft” the Isreali government is. Some comments are so strong and emotional that I can see where the violence that you posted about can occur regularly. I wonder if this Isreali reaction is, if not fully then partly, about taking the matter in their own hands, since their view of their own government is soft.

    Here is an interesting take on the region: http://amarji.blogspot.com/2006/10/few-personal-notes-on-making-of.html

  6. scottie says:

    I was hopeful when I read the article concerning the human shield around the building.

    There are many conscientious soldiers in the IDF. There are many examples of soldiers refusing to obey what they consider to be immoral orders. That is certainly a positive sign.

    But the IDF still must minimize civilian casualties, and with the recent bad press they have recieved on Beit Hanoun, the ongoing Gaza siege, which has provoked outrage outside the US, and now the human rights worker being beaten up by the settlers. The IDF is there, incidentally, to make sure the settlers (illegal) are not harmed by the Palestinians. It is easy for many to turn a blind eye for ideological reasons.

    I am a bit surprised by the lack of reaction about the Jesus quotation.
    I was shocked to see that comment. I honestly thought bloggers here would too be shocked by the comments.

    Abraham Foxman started a public crusade to cast Mel Gibson as an anti-semite for making ‘The Passion of the Christ’ because Foxman argued that saying Jews killed Jesus is anti-semitic in nature. Now since that argument was made, which I rejected because it was sheer nonsense, it turned out that Mel Gibson later had an in vino veritas moment, so maybe Foxman was onto something with Mel Gibson in particular, but his argument was garbage in general.

    I wonder where he stands on the Israeli settlers saying in Hebrew :

    ‘we killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too”

    As far as your link, I’ll read it next then offer comments after.


    PS i mentioned in a previous blog the best thing for the Palestinians to do is abandon their weapons and buy cameras and video cameras and simply pursue non-violent resistance, like the followers of Ghandi and King. I know the violence against them will continue, and Israel would be exposed as the aggressor, and perhaps the US’s collective opinion in regards to Israeli atrocity would begin to converge to the international consensus on Israel. I doubt that will ever happen, but the human shield operation does inspire hope.

  7. Logipundit says:

    Dude, I’m sorry…I stand corrected on the quote. The quote itself made so little sense, and seemed so out of context that I just assumed you were making it up, and missed it in the article.

    Agreed on your last comment.

  8. scottie says:


    For the record, I seldom make things up.

    I do sometimes screw up attributions ; who said what to whom, etc.

    In my defense, I have so many things swirling around in my little tiny head, I am surprised I can get my sideburns straight when i shave.


  9. JohnnyB says:


    Good point re: Jesus. Didn’t have time to comment earlier. When I took a Balkan History class and learned about the sources of anti-semitism in eastern europe, I mentioned it to a co-worker in my lab at the time, saying something like, “I’m learning about the sources of anti-semitic sentiment throughout eastern Europe at the turn of the century”. He said, “Was it because they killed Jesus?”, his tone was campy, like he was tired of hearing and rehashing tribal issues (this guy was a serious intellectual, but not a historian). The point is this was the common epithet against Jews for about 2,000 years.

    Jews in America seem to be more upset with Mel Gibson than with Nasrallah, which totally makes no sense to me. There is little in the movie itself, regardless of Gibson’s views on Jews, that lends itself to a harsh critique of Judaism. It’s the Pharisees that come off looking bad; one might argue the Pharisees are still behaving pretty badly.

  10. scottie says:

    Gibson’s views on Jews came out after the film, in his drunken tirade when he said that the Jews started all the wars.

    The film itself was based on the “Dolorous Passion of the Christ”

    The whole premise of Foxman’s argument that the claim that Jews killed Christ is anti-semitic in nature becomes untenable when Israeli Jews chant in Hebrew that “we killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too”

    Anyway, I have studied root sources of anti-semitism, not in a classroom, but in my own readings.

    I am interested in the conclusions your class reached. Were you able to distill down the key root causes?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I note that some mainstream media outlets (israelnews, etc.) are carrying the story and mentioning Tove Johanssen’s name but leaving out the anti-Christian hate speech.

  12. scottie says:

    nice addition, anonymous

    i’ll go check it out.

    when comments like those in question are uttered publicly, if they are widely disseminated, inside the US for example, they have the potential to force people, especially Christians, to re-think their alliances.

    better to use a little white-out in the editorial office …

  13. scottie says:

    To add another comment, I just did search queries for “Tove Johannson” on main pages of NTY, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, USATODAY, LATIMES, CNN (didnt even bother with FOXNEWS because they might have said that Tove attacked the Israeli settlers and was an accused anti-semite), and the only mention of the attack was by USATODAY and CNN both linking to an article from DemocraticUnderground.

    Evidently, no articles were run by these “respectable” media outlets on what is unquestionnably a newsworthy issue.

  14. JohnnyB says:


    First a caveat. The class covered 20th century only, so we picked up in media res…but a couple of main things that touched off the anti-semitic sentiment.

    #1 The Jews who lived in Germany for 1300 years or so were the upper crust of German society after WWI. As we all know many Jews were bankers (I won’t get into why that was now). A lot of the Germans blamed the hyperinflation and depression post WWI on Jewish bankers, though of course this had little to do with the Jews living among them.

    #2 And perhaps more importantly, the Jews that had been displaced from Russia to Eastern Europe (outskirts of Russian hegemony at the time) through pogroms and government decree flooded places like Poland and Romania. These Jews were foriegners as well, didn’t speak native languages, and were poor. They would take any job for any wage, which pissed off the lower class of eastern europe. Similar to what the Irish faced in America after the famine, except exponentially worse.

    “Rich Jews had all the money, poor jews had all the jobs” might have been what the average Josep Sixpack might have thought at the time.

    Just the tip of the iceberg. Of course “Jesus” is just a nasty weapon used to herd the masses into hating Jews, sadly. There is of course a longer story behind all this, but we picked up in the 20th century.

    Another interesting story is how the Germans sent SS troops into Romania TO PROTECT Jews from Romanians, so hasty were the locals to butcher Jews. The Nazis did so not out of sympathy to the Jews but to maintain the free flow of oil from Romania in an orderly fashion. The Nazis then of course systematically and efficiently herded the Jews back to concentration camps and did away with them there. The point is this wasn’t Hitler or a Nazi cabal…the anti-semitism was prevalent throughout the culture in Russia, Germany, and all parts in between. Not Foxman’s definition of anti-semitism either, the real kind.

  15. scottie says:

    thanks for getting back to me on this one

    i suspected it would be the “banker” component

    that component is not quite complete

    i read an amazing excerpt from an incredibly well-written book called “Military History of the Western World”

    JFC Fuller writes on the topic of Hitler’s rise to power and why the Jewish Bankers in Germany were out to do anything to get Hitler :

    Hitler had a problem with gold-denominated currency, and he thought this sytem was unfair, as countries like the US with large gold deposits had an unfair advantage.

    He thought currency should be tied to production, and this was a threat to the central bankers in Germany, as the cycles of inflation and deflation that Jefferson wrote about would be out of their control and in the state’s control.

    The betrayal of Germany in WWI by the Zionist Jews in Germany and Europe in general was a huge factor in the rise of anti-semitism.

    Germans viewed this betrayal as a home-grown betrayal, and the reparations that Germany had to pay after WWI were enormous.

    This component also ties how the US became involved in WWI, an involvement that ran counter to Woodrow Wilson’s election platform; he won the Presidency by saying he would avoid such entanglements in European affairs.

    If you want to read something that will really make you start second-guessing why the US entered that war,

    google “Benjamin Freedman Willard Hotel”

    it is a long read, but will leave you scratching your head.

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