No Holocaust–Yet

I’m sorry; I just don’t get this…

It is good to know that David Duke is representing the United States at this conference to “debate” whether the Holocaust ever happened. What I really don’t understand is the overall purpose of this. It seems that Iran is not really picking its fights well. If I can get my head way up where the sun doesn’t shine, I can somehow makeout a logical view that if the Holocaust didn’t happen, then maybe they argue Zionism exists under false pretenses.

But is that the smartest way to go? I think a much stronger argument might be that even WITH the Holocaust in mind, the creation of Israel might not have been a fantastic idea.

As it is, Israel does exist, though, and there is little possibility that all the Israeli’s are just going to get up and leave, so when Ahmadinejad talks about wiping out Zionism (i.e. the State of Israel), he is in essense talking about a Holocaust, a genocide of sorts. So what then? We start another Jewish State maybe somewhere in Africa, then wait about 60 years or so, have a big conference, deny THIS Holocaust ever happened, so we can rationalize wiping them out again.

This is simply asinine, and accomplishes nothing. Israel exists, and it will exist unless there is another Holocaust. Why deny the first one to excuse a second one?

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  1. scottie says:

    i was thinking similar thoughts when i read about the conference.

    it would serve iranian national interests better to have a conference on the UN violations of israel, because that is far more documentable.

    or have a conference about nuclear double-standards in the middle east, or the ongoing slaughter of the palestinians.

    this conference is ridiculous. it cannot accomplish anything but morally isolating iran further. the current bush administration doesn’t need any more ammunition.

    even if only 250,000 jews were killed by the nazis, then does that not still classify as a genocide? the nazi holocaust should not have been used to dispossess the palestinians of their land and displace the palestinians to neighboring countries, because that allows one injustice to fuel another injustice, but the holocaust conference really serves no purpose.

    the conference should have focused on finkelstein’s premise with “the holocaust industry”, namely that the true victims of the nazi genocide are being denied funds while the holocaust “hucksters” (as finkelstein calls them) are rolling in the pilfered loot from the swiss banks.

    i read a nice article on this issue this morning.

    i will try and locate it and post below.

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