Robert F Kennedy, Jr. as Obama’s EPA chief?

At first I was worried about this. Now I’m thinking, bring it on. Please bring this conflict about, rattle the saber at American companies and “bring them to their knees”. Robert F Kennedy is like Mike Papantonio with drug problems (hat tip Slate).  He is an alarmist and his appointment would be a disaster.  So I welcome it.  The current meme of the reporter class is that this new change Obama must bring is remarkably similar to the 1930s.  A windfall tax, which is what Obama has been promising during the campaign, is equivalent to price controls.  The last time that was tried we had fuel shortages.  So let’s teach a new generation too ignorant to pick up a history book about the depression, brownouts & blackouts, and fuel shortages.  Please, I insist, let’s do this as soon as possible, so all those naive young Americans can wake up and learn about mid-term elections.

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