Iran’s Brain Drain: not an American conspiracy

An interesting article on Brain Drain from Iran.

I like this line:

Some pro-government elements in Iran now suspect that the West wants to weaken Iran’s economic infrastructure to the point of collapse by luring away its top graduates and professionals.

Talking with immigrants from the Middle East and especially Iran, I can attest that there is no conspiracy aiding the average or well above average academic in their endeavors to become citizens. In fact there is a quite systematic bias against people from the middle east. I do find it amazing how magically powerful the American government is that it is at the heart of every problem every country has. Iranian pilots are going to Dubai? Death to America!

I remember watching The Pianist, in which a Jewish family in Germany circa 1940 discusses why they are being persecuted. Eventually one family member decides to blame American Jews for not getting America more involved in European affairs to stop Hitler. It’s not always a conspiracy, and it’s not always our fault.

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