New Hampshire GOP Presidential Debate

Michele Bachmann

Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Back in 2008 we covered Presidential debates pretty thoroughly here on Logipundit (even covered the Libertarian Party debate back then). I had a methodology of taking notes throughout, then categorizing and prioritizing and then thinking about each candidate and how well they presented themselves.

And let me tell you…last night, about 45 minutes in, I really just got sick of the whole thing.  There were four major things wrong:

  1. No one disagreed on anything.  There was no real substantive difference between any of the candidates that came out. Even though I know there are substantive differences).
  2. No one said anything amazing, and noone said anything that made me want to scream…or even roll my eyes.
  3. The format was exhausting.  John “we’re going to be loosy-goosy and roll with the punches” King would NOT STOP MUMBLING!  I swear there was at least 3 instances where in a 30 second response, he started playing turrets about 10 seconds in.
  4. The format was moronic.  There was an interview this morning on CNN of a couple in North Carolina and one of their complaints was that you can’t solve the nation’s problems in a 30 second sound bite.  Hmmm…wonder whose fault that was? Can’t be the people who controlled the format!

Few comments from a “winners and losers” standpoint:

Whenever the front-runner doesn’t say anything stupid and noone else says anything overly impressive, he’s the winner.  Period. So Romney, in my opinion won the debate because noone really challenged him.  Pawlenty was super weak in that he had the chance to SIMULTANEOUSLY take on his main primary opponent AND the president at the same time and he wussed out. Pawlenty just outright sucked, in my opinion.

Second place would be a tie between Bachmann and Gingrich.  The two “extremes” of policy thought in the Republican party came out looking like roses, and everyone else looked blah…(especially Romney, who is supposed to look like blah to keep his frontrunner status). Gingrich knows how to make a point.  He was not sufficiently challenged (John King saved his pestering moments for Pawlenty and Cain), and when he was challenged on the Paul Ryan Medicare comments he answered it briefly and concisely and John King basically announced that it was case closed. That was amazing to watch.

Bachmann had a few moments where she illustrated a solid understanding of the challenges in Libya and took a stand on the issue, and there were moments where she channeled her “gangster government” speech…but in 30 seconds she couldn’t really get rolling.

Finally, since we want to be of service to all Americans, for those of you on the “other side of the aisle” which might be reading…just in case you (like me) missed the Anderson Cooper coverage after the fact, I feel it’s my duty to let you know the CNN/DNC talking points:

  1. Bachmann ROCKED the debate (the Guardian agrees) and blew everyone away and managed to do it without looking like a complete LOON.
  2. None of the GOP candidates like Government, so unless you want madness, chaos, people dying in the streets, nothing to see here.
  3. All of the candidates dislike gay people, so if you’re gay, have ever met a gay person, and you don’t want the President personally coming to your town and lynching all the gay people, stick with Obama.

Now…there. You’re welcome.

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