Meatless Mondays…Meet Open Carry Wednesdays

If ever the reader desired to look at the slow decay of reasoning skills and sensibility in our country, one need look no further than the article in Leesburg Today (and especially the comments) about “Open Carry” night in Downtown Leesburg, VA.

cajunexperienceFirst, let me tell a story.  I’m chatting with a good friend of mine a few months ago about “green” this and “green” that, and how, though I believe we should be good stewards of our environment, that it’s the not the first thing on my mind in the morning and that the constant preaching about Mother Gaia bugged me about as much as Jimmy Swaggart would bug him.  He then said, “It’s not always about politics…” To which I responded, “Then why can’t I go to my local Deli [Puccio's New York Deli] without seeing a RESOLUTION from our TOWN COUNCIL that it’s bad for the planet for me to eat meat?”

No answer.

Flash forward to today, when another Downtown Leesburg establishment decides to inaugurate “Open Carry Wednesday” to support its customers in the law enforcement community (and otherwise) who believe in upholding and protecting their second-amendment right to bear arms.

The first reaction one might have is that it’s just not right to compare these two things…they’re SO different.

Well…that’s a proper reaction, because they ARE different.

First, with “Meatless Mondays” the businesses themselves didn’t have the idea…someone who doesn’t eat meat did.  And they sold it to the businesses as a way to be “community oriented” and save the planet.  ”Open Carry Wednesday” was completely the idea of the business owner.

Second, with “Meatless Mondays” the folks who don’t eat meat (who don’t need a meatless Monday…because they don’t eat meat) strive to convince municipalities to ENDORSE their bless it…complete with a Mayor’s signature.  The restaurant who started “Open Carry Wednesdays” asked for no such blessing.

So they are different.  But there are similarities:

In both cases, the customers have the choice to eat at these establishments on Mondays, on Wednesdays, both, or not at all, and second, they can do so based on their beliefs in whether the restaurant in questions adheres to their political or philosophical views on the subject…or based on the food.

The first time I saw the Meatless Mondays ad at Puccio’s I thought, “Holy Schneikes, what is the world coming to.”  Then I ordered the Gyro sandwich.   You see, they made the choice to still provide meat for those who still want it…even on Mondays, and I made the choice to eat there, even though they expressed to me, through Town edict, that I was contributing to the collapse of the ecosystem.

When I heard about “Open Carry Wednesday,” I decided to show up…NOT carrying, and eat there anyway, because a) I support the idea, and b) I like the food. But they still served me even though I wasn’t packing. Imagine that.

Frankly, I believe everyone is simply taking themselves too seriously if they think that carrying a gun is “creepy”…my favorite comment on the Open Carry article, responding to someone else’s thoughts on how disappointed they were in the “civilized” DC Metro area having such an “uncivilized” establishment as this :

As civilized as the DC Metro area? Really? Are you including DC in that area? When did such a high crime rate become civilized? Which part of the DC population do you consider civilized? The criminals carrying the guns, or the law abiding citizens who can’t?

Not necessarily the safest place in town? Let’s watch and see who gets robbed or assaulted on Wednesday nights. And likely the victims (1st responders) will call 911 for some good guys with guns (2nd responders) to come help them.

I don’t know much, but I know that the safest place to be in Leesburg on Wednesday night is likely at the Cajun Experience, and that Puccio’s still has the best Gyro’s.  So there you go…EQUAL…OPPORTUNITY.

One last thing: since that first Meatless Monday experience at Puccios, I’ve actually tried some vegetarian meals around town.  Some of them are great.  I fiercely still support the eating of meat, but it’s a learning experience. It would be encouraging for those who don’t know much about guns to show up at Cajun Experience on Wednesdays and chat it up with those who are openly a part of the “gun culture” (which means they know more about guns than those who aren’t) and ask their opinion about, I don’t know…THIS.  You might learn something.

You see, being “open-minded” and deliberate in your thinking and making sure you’ve looked at things from all angles and listened to those who disagree with you and understand their thoughts on controversial topics…that door swings both ways. Doesn’t it?

(BTW, be sure and vote on the page (to the left) whether you would be more likely to go to the restaurant or not based on Open Carry Wednesday).

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