Author: Karen Jennelle

The Government Should Not Be in the Birth Control Business

I am blown away by the uproar of woman across the country regarding insurance companies refusal to include birth control as a covered drug. Certainly when a woman who has a medical issue where birth control pills are the best remedy to cure or control their medical issue their insurance company with a diagnosis and recommendation from a doctor should treat the birth control pills as any other prescribed medicine under the patients policy.

There are some policies that exist that do cover birth control pills for the simple purpose of preventing pregnancies. If that is important to a woman as a consumer of insurance then they have the freedom to purchase such a policy. Said coverage should not be on the backs of tax payers who subsidize insurance costs for a large share of the population nor on paying insurance policy holders whose rates go up the more insurance companies pay out.

Birth control for the use of preventing pregnancy is not a medical condition. Having sex is a choice that a person makes. Having sex may or may not lead to becoming pregnant. Some argue that it is advantageous for the insurance companies to cover birth control as it is cheaper than covering the cost of a birth. If that is the case then why shouldn’t insurance companies be required to cover salads at restaurants so people will not get obese and risk acquiring hypertension, diabetes or any of the other diseases linked to obesity. If we go down this road where does it stop?

In the recent testimony given by a Georgetown University law student she testified in front of a congressional committee that the $3000 she claimed co-female classmates spend over a 3 year period in law school is a severe financial and emotional burden. That in comparison to the $60,000 a year tuition and room and board is a bargain.

Studies show that college students spend an average of $466 per year on alcohol. Again, life is a series of choices, can I afford to have sex at the same time I go to law school? Can I afford to go to a Georgetown bar and drink if I go to law school? The sense of entitlement in the young in America continues to grow and the government influence on choices we make such as having or not having a child is growing. Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in recent testimony to a House panel is quoted as saying “the reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception” and went on to say that the “cost is down not up”.

What this boils down to is population control and government influence on your personal choices and the imposition of financial burdens on the tax payer and insurance companies and policy holders. Government has no business being in the business of birth control.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

I am shocked to hear of the loss of a fierce patriot, Andrew Breitbart. I will forever cherish the opportunity I had to see many of his speeches (although rants might be a better description) and play poker with him.

He has been a part of my life every day for years as I read the drudgereport and as my morning routine. I am so grateful for his inspiration and courage displayed in every word he uttered and every word he wrote. My condolences to his wife and 4 children. May they be blessed with God’s grace during this difficult time.

RIP Andrew

–Karen Jennelle

Jonah Goldberg, Monica Crowley, and others comment about the passion and fearlessness of Andrew Breitbart, along with a press release regarding his death:

Reminder to American Women

Freedom of speech led to the eventual right to vote for women. Our founding fathers had the foresight to know that the freedom to speak and be heard would bear out the will of the people and that where they may have erred, we the people would have the chance to effectively expand the limitations they originally set.

Let us not forget fellow women that to stifle and control others is what our grandmothers fought so hard to overcome. Our voices are heard louder now than ever before in American history and we must be wise not to risk the loss of the hard fought freedoms we take for granted now.