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*FORMER AUTHORS : Throughout the illustrious history of this site, we have had a variety of authors with a range of perspectives – their articles are still archived here.  Eventually, it was concluded that my ego was such that my big head takes up the whole space of the site.  

Here are some of our past contributors.

“I am a “Ragin Cajun” (who actually went to LSU), living in Houston after earning a PhD in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) from Ohio State.  I currently work in Baylor College of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellow studying the effects of nicotine on the formation of memories.  In my spare time I rant about the state of the world and the sad-sack policies that the government hands down to us.  I am a pretty big fan of free markets, but am willing to concede the role of local government in issues like public transportation and sewage.  Additionally, I must also concede that government funding for science has brought us space travel and a cure for AIDS, and provided a lot of insight into the brain, the field in which I work.  Still, I feel that funding for science should be subject to some cost/benefit analysis which scientists should acknowledge.  I do not subscribe to the belief that scientists, even those on the public dole, should be beholden to the democratic party.”

Chris is a finance professional who is a native of Appalachia and currently resides in North Carolina (with a few years spent residing in the DC suburbs in between). Politically, he holds a strong disdain for the expanding reach and spend-thrift mentality of government and whole-heartedly agrees with Thoreau’s assessment that “The government is best which governs least”.

PictureReagan Gahagan:

Gahagan is another Louisianian, graduate of ULaLa, with an MBA and Law Degree to boot.  Nothing more dangerous than…
an educated redneck.


Eric Hemati is a serial entrepreneur who lived in the District for a while, but moved back to Austin to find himself.  He had left himself under his bed, and it took the move to discover this.  Imagine his astonishment.  Eric above all values “FUN, ADVENTURE, and AUTHENTICITY. A Texan at the core, his opinions tend never to be vague or ambiguous, although he has been known to have a ‘nuanced’ position from time to time.” In other words: with really NO moral center or ideology at all, he can take whatever position is popular with Chris Matthews, John Stewart, and Bill Maher, depending on wind conditions and the position of the stars. His work can also be found at www.dcoffline.com.

Native of Louisiana, graduate of Centenary and USC Film School.
Currently trying to make in the film business in guess where?
Shreveport, Louisiana.
Who’d a thunk it?

Scott Sorrell is a mathematics instructor at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. He received his M.S. in mathematics at LSU where he taught 6 years as a full-time instructor. Scott spends most of his free time following important political issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict, Iraq, Iran, AIPAC and NEOCON agendas, US governance and how special interest groups are corrupting the system of representation, the Federal Reserve System and its marriage with income tax legislation, how propaganda functions in democracies, Corporate American ties with the US government, and the mystery of why Americans do not get more involved with their governance. He is a recovering Republican with Libertarian leanings.  Scottie’s work can now be found at (http://www.nojustice-nopeace.blogspot.com) or one of his articles on the Muckraker Report.