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It seems their hypocrisy knows…no bounds.

{Local (Loudoun County, VA) Post}

It was ceaselessly amazing to watch the audacity of those who endeavor to label themselves “Conservative” at the LCRC meeting the other day.  Most especially those who would welcome Scott York’s “return to the GOP fold” as the Leesburg Today put it.

Why?  Great question.  Most striking of the whole evening was the contrast between two approaches to keeping the love of the LCRC.  In the first corner we have David Ramadan.  Now, notwithstanding the protests outside which sought to bring into question his religious and political affiliations, Ramadan parried those criticisms with two very simple assertions:

1) He’s pro-life, pro-gun, and supports traditional marriage.

OK, though one could easily argue that this by no means QUALIFIES anyone to be considered a conservative, it apparently has really been the only thing required by the GOP to be considered a Conservative.  Thus, thunderous applause.  Pay no attention to the fact that maybe 10% of the decisions that are made by a State delegate have anything to do with any of these issues, we’ll just grant that what some consider simply prerequisites and be willing to ask more questions, others (unfortunately many in the GOP) might simply consider full-blown qualifications

2) He has worked hard, volunteered, and promoted every Republican candidate he could over the last 10 years.

So regardless of the lack of real depth from a “what I believe” standpoint, he’s loyal.  OK…Great. I get it.  He’s loyal.  He worked hard to keep in office our current 10th District Congressman, who was responsible for one of the most blatant assaults on private property rights to ever hit the eastern seaboard (see Journey Through Hallowed Ground).  He also worked hard to elect one of the most Progressive Republican candidates to be graced with the GOP Nomination for President since Teddy Roosevelt.  That’s OK.  “It’s either him or the other guy, and the other guy is BAD NEWS.”

Yep. OK. We get it.  Maybe not an extremely principled Conservative, but a DIE-HARD LOYAL Republican.  Great. Super.

But then comes Scott York, who gets up and manages, with a straight face, to say something along the lines of: “The Good Lord put eyes in the front of our head for good reason, and that’s so we can see what’s ahead and not focus on what’s behind.”

There was actually an “Amen” from the crowd on that.  After his speech, thunderous applause, and apparent (and vocal) support from the most Conservative Supervisor on the Loudoun Board.

So…OK.  WHAT? Scott York spent years supporting every greenie, big Government, crazy initiative that has come across the pike.  He endorsed some of the most eco-fascist candidates (successfully) for Supervisor that Loudoun has ever seen.  He basically has only discovered anything near Conservative bonafides once he realized that the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, the LCRC, the property rights community, taxpayer activists, and the new tea-party types were ALL going to oppose the Chesapeake Bay fiasco.  Thus, he had to bail on the PEC, thus…back to being a Republican.\

That calculation is simple for a Scott York to make.  He made it about a year ago.  And over the last year, he has made Supervisor Delgaudio happy by seconding some motions and even making some motions that might be considered “cutting spending”, he’s not backing the same eco-fascists he did last time, and he’s back to toting the GOP line…for a solid 12 months or so out of a 20 year career.

Scott York has proven nothing in the way of Conservative principles.  Even if he says (I’m sure he has) that he is pro-life, pro-gun and a supporter of traditional marriage, that 10% of daily decision making at the State level drops to about 1% at the County level

Has Scott York been willing, in his 16 years on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, to stand up and tell the School system “NO” to inflated budgets…or has he toted the School Superintendent’s line at the budget hearings?

Has he actually fought to represent the taxpayers in keeping the budget in line?  Or did he simply pose for pictures when inflated Real Estate gave him the opportunity to lower the rate, and then tripe about “average tax bill” when the crash “forced” him to raise the rate to one of the highest in the Commonwealth?

Has he stood up and DEMANDED serious cuts from the Loudoun County budget to reflect increased unemployment in the private sector?  Or has he flaunted the illogical view that NOT laying off people from the public sector (by keeping the burden on the private sector high) somehow HELPS the economy of Loudoun?

Scott York NEITHER has shown anything close to Conservative Principles in his entire elected career, NOR has he shown ANY loyalty to the Republican Party except in circumstances which would further HIS political career.

The dirty little truth is that the Loudoun GOP only cares about one thing:  is there an “R” beside the next Chariman’s name.  They’re desperate for that.  None of the people they wanted to run were running so they’ve jumped on the York bandwagon, and many feel that it’s too late to turn back.  As a result they’ve made the one person who has expressed a desire to run County-wide as an actual Republican (Steve Stockman), and not a RWIC (Republican When It’s Convenient) out to be some shady member of the “Black Brigade” and many have been trying to act like he was “recruited” (neither of these are true). Further, they argue that he’s been away too long (he was an elected County Supervisor in the 80s and 90s), and thus is not in touch with what’s going on.  So…that whole thing about getting business people involved…people who are willing to make a living in the private sector and run because they  want to serve, not because they’re career politicians…that’s just something you’re SUPPOSED to say.  You don’t really mean it?

I’m not sure whether Stockman is a loyal enough Republican for LCRC tastes (we’re not loyal Republicans, so we can’t talk), and there are a lot of questions for him to answer about his approach to the budget and his limited-Government bonafides.  But as far as “devils that you know” it’s evident that Scott York has spent the last 16 years looking out for Scott York and has no discernible track record to run as a Conservative, and a long and quite obvious track record to show his lack of loyalty to the Republican Party.

So LCRC…you have a choice: Principles or Loyalty.  On both counts, Scott York gets an F.  What’s the other guy get?  Don’t know.  Why don’t you actually respect the primary process and ask him. It’s not too late.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Update: Obama to Address Public School Students-Sept 8th

US Department of Education website advises that the address will be moved up to 12pm EDT.

Public Option Advocates in Downtown Leesburg

On our way to the public library this evening with my family, we passed by a very peaceful demonstration of approx 30 people in downtown Leesburg.  I noticed the signs for “Support Public Option” (or something very similar).  As I passed by the group and turned north on 15, I adamantly shook my head in disagreement.  That’s when I saw the other signs (most likely the opposite side of the sign I first saw), “Health Care for All”.  So, by expressing my disagreement with the public option, I am also displaying by my opinion AGAINST Health care for all? 

These two are obviously not synonymous; the public option has to do with insurance not the providing of health care.  No one ever states that anyone (with cash or without) can get health care from almost any emergency room across the country.  Regardless, the goal seems to be to link the Public Option with an emotion triggering idea such as “Health care for all.”  Anyone who opposes the public option surely opposes health care for all, right? Ummm….not really.

It’s the same emotional carrot that is dangled in front of the public when politicians/activists promote higher funding for educational programs; it’s FOR THE KIDS, you hate monger!   Sure does generate an emotional response.   I don’t want to be thought of as an uncaring unenlightened schnob that thinks that if you can’t pay for health care, then tough titties.  Who does?  And that’s the bitch of it.  It allows the debate to never talk about the basic fundamentals for each argument. 

In one corner, we have a group that believes that the government is the solution.  Government control is best; government knows best.  Through the government’s intervention, we can provide everyone healthcare.  Popular thoughts:  “Why doesn’t the other side care about the folks who are hurting and struggling; we’re a rich country so we should do something.  If it meant health care for all, I would pay more taxes.”  The rub:  By providing everyone healthcare, the only way to reduce cost (to even sustain this coverage) is to limit access.

In the other corner, we have a group that believes in limited Government.  The Government has its place for regulation and removing barriers to competition (if they actually do this, seems rare now a days doesn’t it?).  It’s only through competition that you can lower costs.  Besides if there more completion, there’s more options and more choices.  Popular thoughts:  “If the other side is so willing to pay higher taxes to provide health care for all, how many people’s health care are they currently paying for (my guess is zero)?  If I feel that I have a case against my insurance company, I can bring them to court.  I can’t bring my government to court if I suspect wrong doing, unethical behavior or otherwise.  How can a private company compete with the government?  Why doesn’t the government allow insurance companies to compete against each other across state lines?”  The rub:  It’s easy to give power to government and it’s hard to give people responsibility for their own well being.

Since these fundamentals do not readily fit on a sign that any person can hold on the corner of a street or in a town hall meeting, I guess we will never get down to brass tacks.

Obama to Address Public School Students-Sept 8th

On the first day of school, public school kids will have a treat:  they will be addressed by the POTUS for the first time “about persisting and succeeding in school.”  While I can’t imagine anyone having a difference of opinion regarding the importance of persisting and succeeding in school, I can foresee difference of opinion in how this is to be accomplished.  As it stands now, I feel that the current and previous administrations believe that such success is not possible without the government.  Loudoun County School District has not published this unprecedented piece of news; I can only assume that all schools will air this broadcast.  My questions are:

1.  Will they air the broadcast?
2.  Will participation be mandatory?
3.  Will students receive a diffing perspective or will only one be presented?
4.  Is this the first of many addresses to students? 

There are some who are calling for boycotting the address by keeping kids home from school that day and others who will politely and boldly asking these questions from their local school board.  What will you do?  While I feel that the government has it’s uses, like creating opportunities for success it is not their responsibility to ensure such success.  The broadcast will broadcast live on the Whitehouse website September 8th at 1pm.

News articles for the day

Here’s a study in Hong Kong where half of health care workers would refuse swine flu vaccine.

If this happens in Massachusetts, then half of the health care work force could face a $1000 fine and land in jail. 

How’s this for irony:  Robin Starr’s 16 year-old blind and deaf dog died after accidentally leaving him in her hot car. Who’s Robin?  She’s the CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Virginia.

Meanwhile, Republican representative Thaddeus McCotter (MI) introduced the “HAPPY Act” or Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years.  The bill allows for pet owners to take tax deductions for their care up to $3500 per year.  You should be proud as this is some really ground-breaking legislation that will make a huge impact in our lives!  Makes me think of a news story about the “Cat Lady” found dead in her home with 258 80 cats and their feces.  She should’ve taken better care of herself; she could’ve gotten $280,000 in tax deductions.  Somehow I suspect that this legislation will not result in the promoting of the welfare of animals (or Americans for that matter).  Wonder what Robin Starr would say?






Also from DC:  Bill Richardson will not be indicted for pay-to-play accusations.  “The decision not to seek indictments was made by Justice Department officials in Washington, they said, speaking on condition they not be identified because prosecutors had not disclosed results of the probe.  ‘It’s over. There’s nothing. It was killed in Washington,’ one of the people told The Associated Press.”

Seems Metro is having more troubles here in the DC area:  A rail car struck another train in West Falls Church (no one seriously injured).  Meanwhile, NoVa are awaiting toll road hikes to pay for this nonsense to be extended out to the Dulles Airport.  Remember the hikes introduced in 2005?

 While back in February Peter Orszag (Obama’s Budget Director or Budget Czar as Glenn Beck likes to call him) states in this video (at 4:36) that Obama will half the deficit by the end of his first term, Mr. Orszag recently raised the 10-year deficit projections to $9 Trillion (many think this to be a very conservative estimate).  Later in the video (6:00), Maddow asks the “Budget Czar” (her words, not mine) to address the accusations that Obama is “soaking the rich” to pay for all of this spending.  Orszag replies that “This is exactly what the President campaigned on…through shared sacrifice.”  I don’t see where the sharing comes in…at least not sharing of sacrifices.  We all know what happens when the rich feel the squeeze of taxes:  they jump ship .  Wonder where our rich will go when the tax collectors come a calling?