Why a weblog?

Hey Guys:

Some of you may know that over the past few months, I have become a political junkie, and have found myself in the middle of many heated conversations with friends of differing political views. Heated, not because we are necessarily rude to each other, or intolerant of each other’s views, but because many of these friends live in different parts of the country, and in order to have these discussions, it’s necessary to do so over the phone.

That can get a little dicey, so I felt a weblog would help continue the discourse without yelling over the phone. Plus, it allows for a variety of views instead of simply two opposing ones.

My GOAL is to include people who differ with me as much as those who agree with me, and MY posts I would prefer to be in the MINORITY. That way, I’m learning more than I’m preaching. (That’s right, I’m selfish AND lazy.)

To that end I’m inviting several different authors, a few of which VEHEMENTLY disagree with me regarding everything political, and a few that share very similar views to mine. Regardless, they include people from all over the nation and a variety of occupations, who are (and this is important) all smarter than me. More than that they are chosen because they are individuals who are educated, informed and intellectually honest in their views. And that is all that is required. How many of them agree to participate is up to them, however I hope they all at least occasionally take the time and contribute. Whether their identity is known to the rest of the world is completely up to them, as they will be able to post under a callsign.

Only three rules for the authors:

1) Political opinion is political opinion and doesn’t have to be backed up by anything other than that opinion. However, a position that is based on facts, statistics, or history, should be backed up in some shape form or fashion (e.g. books, links, transcripts, etc.). Rhetoric that is not backed up by some sort of facts will be frowned upon.

2) Name calling should be kept to a minimum, however name-calling to each other is strictly forbidden. It doesn’t add to the discourse. EG: no-one’s going to bitch if you say that Rush Limbaugh is a partisan hack, or Michael Moore is a big fat idiot (whether these things are true or not, they are the opinion of some) However, there should be NO calling another author an idiot or a stupid redneck, or a pinko commie bastard, simply because they disagree with your viewpoint. Please keep swearing to a minimum and vulgarity to an absolute zero. If you don’t know the difference then just think primetime broadcast TV or a PG rated movie.

3) Try to be as equitable as possible in posting. All of us have varying degrees of time to read, research, and comment. I am by no means a “full-time” blogger, and I don’t expect any of the rest of us to be. So if your time is limited, please post a comment at least once or twice a week, because we definitely want your comments to be heard. At the same time, if you find that your posts are crowding out everyone elses, slow down (and get another hobby).


Guess Who…Butch Porter, the “Logipundit” (yeah I know, I just couldn’t think of anything else really catchy)

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A bastion of reason, free of rhetoric and partisan talking points. Regardless of the labels the authors offer an array of views, fact-based and historically-sound. All of us will do our best NOT to be “fair and balanced” but instead intellectually honest and civil.

LogiPundit was formed as an open forum where all may voice their opinion despite party, affiliation, ideology, etc. So if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Tree-hugger, Right-Wing Nutjob, NEOCON, Progressive, Intellectual, Christian, Muslim….

You get the picture; we don’t fricking care. Just two requests:

1) Keep it civil and the language PG. (Astericks are really f***ing helpful).
2) If you state something that needs to be backed up, back it up.

Come back often and voice your opinion. If you like it, sign up for our daily email, so you don’t forget to visit. If you’re interested in contributing to the discourse even more heavily–meaning you also want to post about things YOU want to talk about instead of simply responding to our thoughts, then check out the LogiReaders blog, where you can become an author. This blog also serves as the Book Reviews section of the blog…so if you read, that’ll help.


Butch Porter is an insurance rep in Northern Virginia who started his adult life with aspirations of more intellectual pursuits, but finally concluded that his skills lay elsewhere, thus has spent most of his life in sales. A native Louisianian who has decided on the Commonwealth of Virginia as his place to raise a family. His faith, his upbringing, and his experience has defined him politically as an Independent Conservative. He was essentially tired of talking politics with all of his out-of-state friends. After countless emails, he decided to start a forum where he could invite people who often disagreed with him (see below) to post on affairs of the day.

John Broussard is a PhD candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience at Ohio State (AKA Florida’s JV), and global warming skeptic, at least until he moves back south.

Chris is a finance professional who is a native of Appalachia and currently resides in North Carolina (with a few years spent residing in the DC suburbs in between). Politically, he holds a strong disdain for the expanding reach and spend-thrift mentality of government and whole-heartedly agrees with Thoreau’s assessment that “The government is best which governs least”.

Eric Hemati is a serial entrepreneur living in The District. Eric above all values FUN, ADVENTURE, and AUTHENTICITY. A Texan at the core, his opinions tend never to be vague or ambiguous, although he has been known to have a ‘nuanced’ position from time to time. In other words: with really NO moral center or ideology at all, he can take whatever position is popular with Chris Matthews, John Stewart, and Bill Maher, depending on wind conditions and the position of the stars. His work can also be found at www.dcoffline.com.

PictureScottie (Emeritus)*:
Scott Sorrell is a mathematics instructor at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. He received his M.S. in mathematics at LSU where he taught 6 years as a full-time instructor. Scott spends most of his free time following important political issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict, Iraq, Iran, AIPAC and NEOCON agendas, US governance and how special interest groups are corrupting the system of representation, the Federal Reserve System and its marriage with income tax legislation, how propaganda functions in democracies, Corporate American ties with the US government, and the mystery of why Americans do not get more involved with their governance. He is a recovering Republican with Libertarian leanings. *Scottie is no longer an “official” author on the site but will occasionally mirror his posts on his own blog (http://www.nojustice-nopeace.blogspot.com) or one of his articles on the Muckraker Report.

Some of these authors’ only affiliation with each other is this site; others are old friends. Regardless, they agree occasionally, but only if they’re in a really good mood.