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Viva la France!

I’m curious to know what the experts on France say about this referendum vote. I haven’t been to France, so what do I know? I know some of y’all have traveled there and know a lot more about what’s going on than I do. My first take is that if the French are worried about their sovereignty and don’t want to be too influenced by eastern europe or (allah forbid) Turkey or Belgium, maybe they are right to vote, “non”. Maybe I’m just saying this so the euro can drop and I can afford to travel there.

Posted at 11:50 am by Johnny B

Posted by Michael Gahagan @ 05/29/2005 01:05 PM PDT
According to NHK, the debate seems to be about the future of France’s immigration, cultural, and labor policies. The right-leaning population of France wants a no vote because a yes vote will open the French borders to low paid European immigrants who may take thier jobs; and currently France has double-digit unemployment (for reasons that are too numerous to mention). Also, France is very nationalistic and some people are afraid that the French culture will be diluted by immigrants, bringing with them thier own culture. France even has a Minister of Culture to oversee things like this. One interesting note is that France has the largest Muslim population in Europe and recently the French voted to outlaw religious (i.e. Muslim) symbols and headgarbs in public schools.
The left-leaning population wants to protect the poorer citizens of the EU by opening the borders. This seems to be similar to our CAFTA debate going on in the U.S.
In my opinion, the EU is bad news for the US since a common currency and laws will allow for the more powerful, liberal leaders of the EU, namely France and Germany, to eventually turn all of the EU into a socialist area that could cause the US export problems in the form of very high tariffs on US goods. Heaven forbid the EU forms a common military, which may lead to another Il Duce.

Posted by BP @ 05/29/2005 07:14 PM PDT
European military?

Does anyone have the numbers on European military power? If they were to combine them all what kind of force would that mean?