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The headline says it all

Hillary will be a great secretary of state, says Bill Clinton

Just like Colin Powell before her, Hillary will go out of her way to use her position in secretary of state to sabotage and undermine the administration she serves. I don’t like giving Obama free advice, but this is likely a trial balloon and he is not seriously considering this. It would be a disaster for his administration. I look forward to the headline: “Hillary will make a great junior Senator from New York”.

Thought Police strike again.

So Geraldine Ferraro stepped down from her role in the Clinton campaign because she said this obviously bigoted and racist comment:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept,” she said.

Anyone else see this as just a little scary? Read it again…is it POSSIBLE she has a point? There’s an equal chance she’s WAY off. Quite possibly Obama’s popularity isn’t at ALL attached to his skin color…but in what way is having the opinion that race is a powerful force behind his popularity off-limits?

Has the political correctness gotten so intense, Geraldine Ferraro can’t have an opinion about the role of skin color in a Presidential campaign?

The Democratic party is slowly losing its mind.

Girl in Clinton Phone Ad is an Obama Supporter

Turns out Clinton bought stock footage from 10 years ago for the TV ad of a little girl sleeping soundly in bed while Hillary answers the phone and keeps her safe.

Obviously the girl didn’t even know about it until her brother noticed on Jon Stewart’s show last Thursday. She prefers Obama’s “positive view of the future” to Clinton’s “fear-mongering”:

Knowles, a high school senior at Bonney Lake, Wash., turns 18 next month. She has been campaigning for Obama and attended his rally at Seattle’s KeyArena on Feb. 8. Her mother, Pam, told The News Tribune of Tacoma that Casey cried and trembled after shaking the candidate’s hand.

At least she didn’t faint:

Texas Ohio predictions

Just voted for Ron Paul.  Jon Cornyn is running against a Texas secessionist, so I had to vote for him in the primary too.  If it looked like Huckabee had a chance, I’d vote McCain, but as it is I had to raise my fist in protest and vote my heart, now that my man Romney is out of the race.

Hillary is going to win Texas.  Oklahoma and Tennessee went pretty solidly for the Billiary, and I see northern and western Texas democrats voting the same way.  Obama has momentum, and it will be close.

Hillary wins Ohio with a good bit of unnecessary pandering to the Jews, using the unfortunate endorsement of Louis Farrakhan against Obama.  Cleveland and Columbus has it’s fair share of politically moderate Jews and they will break for Hillary.  Ohio State will demonstrate that it is not like Wisconsin and turnout among the college kids will be low and won’t necessarily break for Obama.  This is John Edwards country and some people may just stay at home.

With a win at Rhode Island that makes three wins out of four, and even though Texas will be close that puts 7 out of the 10 most populous states in Hillary’s favor, a stat which she will use to pry superdelegates her way.  This dreadful charade shall continue until the convention as the remaining states will break evenly for The Liar (Kentucky Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) and Barack (all the rest).  Will the GOP just start calling him Black Hussein Osama in order to aid and abet The Liar?  Tune in next week at any of your major news networks.

How quickly we forget.

Real Clear Politics reminds us that there was another Democratic Contender back in 1991 who was even MORE lovey dovey towards Ronald Reagan:

Ronald Reagan, Clinton said, deserved credit for winning the Cold War. He praised Reagan’s “rhetoric in defense of freedom” and his role in “advancing the idea that communism could be rolled back.”

“The idea that we were going to stand firm and reaffirm our containment strategy, and the fact that we forced them to spend even more when they were already producing a Cadillac defense system and a dinosaur economy, I think it hastened their undoing,” Clinton declared.

Clinton was careful to add that the Reagan military program included “a lot of wasted money and unnecessary expenditure,” but the signal had been sent: Clinton was willing to move beyond “the brain-dead politics in both parties,” as he so often put it.

This was OK, then, for him to say, but not OK now for someone running against his wife. I’m with the author on this one: For Mrs. Clinton to lambaste Obama on his Reagan comments is just depressing.