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Members of the Religion of Peace seek help from Zionist pigs while fleeing other members of the Religion of Peace

Bus Bombers Seek Israeli Protection From Head-Choppers
Apparently there are worse things than “occupation.”
After fighting erupted with their fellow Palestinian group Hamas, Gaza fighters for the Fatah faction of the PLO went running for protection to the Israeli border. They are among about 600 Gazans stuck at the Erez Crossing from northern Gaza into Israel. Only those with VIP status were being allowed to cross into Israel. The rank and file are stuck without food, water, or toilets waiting since June 16 or 17 in the crossing’s long concrete corridor while Israeli courts and human rights activists exercise themselves over their enemies’ fate.


Best Panel Discussion Ever on "The Lobby"

Our newly designated Author Emeritus has a good post and a great link to a debate, put on by the London Review of books, on the often talked about Walt and Mersheimer article titled: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

It’s a very interesting discussion, and intelligent enough to wish that the subject matter had been more broad. If approximately these same guys were to debate ACTUAL policy issues, I would tune in.

No Justice – No Peace

An Israeli’s Opinion on the Saudi Initiative

A columnist from Israel writes a nice commentary on the renewed Arab League Proposal (Saudi Initiative) and why Israel should embrace the proposal, and not continue its legacy of rejectionism.

Why does this go unreported in the US?

My stepdad’s daughter who works for the UN took my step-dad to Hebron last spring, and he told me last summer what was happening to the Palestinians there was unspeakable.

There were several hundred illegal settlers who occupied the upper floors of a building in Hebron, and then when the Palestinians go outside in the streets above the building, the settlers would throw trash, feces, and other undesirable stuff on them.

They eventually put up a net to catch most of the debris, but it seems the 4,000 IDF soldiers used to protect these some 600 illegal settlers has taken its toll on the Palestinians town of Hebron.

Of course, not a mention of this in mainstream US presses. This link is from the BBC.

Only Nutballs Defend Finkelstein !

Hopefully, people can detect sarcasm in the title !