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Used Book Sales!

I just love used book sales!  Wonderful way to “recycle” your books and pick up a few for you and the family for very cheap…all the while supporting your local libary.  This one is at the Cyr Gates Community Center, 300 Parkview Drive, New Iberia on November 6th.  Check it out!

Here is one in McLean, VA, a little earlier in September.  We’ve found some good ones here!

Better yet, check out this Book Sale Finder website to find one near you!

The Cajun Experience–Downtown Leesburg

etoufeI am hungry just thinking of writing this post.  We recently partook of the newest restaurant to grace downtown Leesburg:  The Cajun Experience.  It definitely was an Experience!  If you don’t look out of the window to check your beignetsbearings, your fast-pasted DC metro life becomes irrelevant and slowly melts away.  Don’t look now; you are in slower pace Louisiana now and the only things that matter are your family, the food in front of you and the company at your table (and possibly surrounding tables).  Owned and operated by poboynative Louisianans, the Experience offers traditional Cajun (not to be confused with creole) dishes: etouffee (pronounced A-Too-Fay), gumbo, po-boys, etc.  Being from Louisiana, Lafayette to be exact (and about as Cajun as you can get!), I really, REALLY like my husband’s etouffee.  The Experience’s etouffee makes my husband’s etouffee taste like a Chef Boyardee right-out-of-the-box knock off (I hope he is not reading this!).  The etouffee is rich, flavorful and served with a side of potato salad.  As it is seasonal, order the etouffee as long as you can!  First-timers, don’t be shy with the potato salad.  Go ahead and mix it with the etouffee; your taste buds will thank you!  I also recommend the beignets and coffee, both of which are reminiscent of a certain New Orleans cafe.  Needless to say, I cannot wait to try more dishes (red beans and rice, chef’s special and pecan pie?) during the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival this weekend.  By the way, last chef’s special was blackened Talapia on a bed of etouffee.  C’est tres bon!

cajunexperienceThe Cajun Experience is located at 14 Loudoun Street SE, Leesburg, VA 20175 (and they are hiring!)

How far from a church must you be to obtain a liquor permit?

The Advertiser just ran a story of a local store in Louisiana that, despite being near a church, was able to obtain a liquor permit.

It reminded me of a recent post on Brain Terminal about controversy in Knoxville, TX:

“On one side of the disagreement is a Muslim mosque, and some of its worshippers are unhappy about plans for a new restaurant that will serve alcohol.

On the opposing end of the clash is a business owner who says he’s invested $1 million to upgrade a blighted building and has tried to accommodate Muslim worshippers during spiritual holidays.

The two entities – The Hill restaurant and the Anoor mosque – are a mere 191 feet apart.”

Knoxville ordinance establishes a 300 ft buffer from church premises to an establishment that serves alcohol.  The ordinance is waived if the establishment is granted liquor license at the state level.

While each state/city has similar buffer laws, I wonder if the buffer goes both ways.  For example, can a church locate within 300 ft of an establishment with a liquor permit?  Or will the establishment have to move if the church impedes on the buffer?  Who has liability?

State Legislation to Watch–Louisiana

The AP reports that Louisiana Representative Gisclair is introducing legislation to allow for cosmetology businesses to obtain a liquor license to distribute alcohol at no cost.  Talk about meaningful legislation!

Hold on to your rosaries, this bill will have strict limits only “allowing one 12-ounce beer per customer, or two five-ounce glasses of wine or one drink with no more than two ounces of hard liquor.”  Who wants to be the officer enforcing this law?  Oh..Me, me, me, pick me!!!

Obama targets Gulf oil and gas

The Daily Advertiser reports that Obama plans to raise excise taxes on oil and gas producers especially in the Gulf of Mexico.  At least we know that Obama won’t kick us when we’re down; he’ll just wait until “after the economy has had time to recover, White House officials said.” That makes me feel so much better!

Will these new taxes discourage exploration, production and/or threaten current and future jobs.  Time will tell, but Louisiana and Texas will feel the pain first.  Don’t blame the oil and gas companies who may decide invest in overseas efforts that may have better ROI (see US Taxpayers make $1B investment in Brazil).