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Obama touts Entrepreneurship in the Muslim world while destroying free markets at home.

Obama gave a speech today touting a “new beginning” (I don’t even want to know what that means) to the Muslim World.  It was, as usual, a great speech.  Understanding.  Mutual respect.  Freedom of religion.  Women’s rights.  Good stuff.  I was fine until this part: “Summit on Entrepreneurship.”  That’s where my eyeballs started to bleed. I began to wonder why Obama is such a fan of Entrepreneurship in the Muslim world.  Maybe he believes it’s a uniquely Muslim phenomenon.

Make no mistake.  The Government has staged a hostile takeover of three major facets of our nation’s economy:

First, our financial sector is already firmly in Government’s hands.

Second, our manufacturing and energy sector is on its way.  How?  Let me connect the dots:

  • Government Bails out GM and Chrysler.–CHECK
  • Government asks GM CEO (employee of GM for 30 years) to step down.–CHECK
  • Government converts its GM and Chrysler assets into Preferred Stock (which means it has voting rights…it didn’t have to do that, it could have just issued bonds)–CHECK
  • Government owns over half the voting rights of GM and Chrysler–CHECK
  • THEN the Government send them into Bankruptcy (couldn’t have done that BEFORE owning them, that would be CRAZY).
  • Government creates a brand new division of GM to build little munchkin cars that noone (currently) wants to buy.–CHECK
  • Government Motors then decides to spin off Hummer, the most gas-guzzling of the gas guzzling cars to another company–in China–for a profit–CHECK.
  • Government then begins pushing HARD an “energy” plan which would (by Obama’s own admission) drive gas prices WAY up–COMING SOON
  • The people of the United States like good citizens are then encouraged even more (through EXTRA tax incentives on top of the ones that are already in place) to buy the little piece of junk munchkin cars–call it “The People’s Car”–because they can’t afford a gallon of fricking gasoline–GOD HELP US ALL.

Result? Federal Government has taken over the energy industry and a huge chunk of the manufacturing sector–which narrows down further the ability for anyone to compete with the Government, therefore ENTREPRENEURSHIP in the energy and manufacturing sector goes away.  Noone can find a decent job that doesn’t involve dealing with the Federal Government.  And guess what…at the Government’s OWN admission, carbon emissions planet-wide doesn’t go down ONE BIT for decades…DECADES.

Next is Health Care:

  • Government spends $19 billion on creating a system where doctors (many who are entrepreneurs) are bribed into putting their patients’ medical information on a DHHS managed database.–CHECK
  • Government creates a “Nationwide Exchange” where people can compare plans…all of which will be forced to accept pre-existing conditions without exclusions.
  • The private plans on the “Exchange” become too expensive, because (as happened in NY and other states) guaranteed issue results in noone buying insurance until they desperately need it…for a “pre-existing” condition.
  • Government steps in to fix this “crisis” by creating a “Public Option” where tax-subsidized plan options are made available to compete with private plans…Those who can’t afford it are given a “hardship exemption” so they get it for free. (OH, and by they way, now it’s against the law NOT to get ANY coverage)
  • Doctors (small business owners) who have stopped accepting coverage from Medicare and Medicaid will now be forced by law to do so, along with accepting “Public Option” patients.
  • Finally, it becomes against the law to pay cash for medical treatment, because the DHHS can’t control it, so for “safety reasons” all transactions will be made through Government insurance coverage or maybe one or two (“bailed out”) insurance companies who will provide benefits to a few Government-owned companies in the Financial, Manufacturing, or Energy/Utilities sectors.

The result? The Federal Government has destroyed any aspect of Entrepreneurship in the Health Care sector and instead has full operational and informational control over your health care through the handy dandy DHHS database.  So whether you’re covered by a DHHS “public option” or benefits through a company (which will likely be owned by the Federal Government), your health care will be finely controlled by Bureaucrats in the Department of Labor and the DHHS.

Why am I telling you all of this?  What can we do?  They ignored us on the Financial sector, they’ve been ignoring and are continuing to ignore us on Manufacturing and Energy.  They will ignore us on Health Care as well.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the only option left is for 37 states to call for another Constitutional Convention to create an amendment to clarify the tenth one.

But if that seems to extreme, at least understand this.  If we don’t act locally, starting RIGHT NOW…

Next is housing and education.  Then it’s all over…

News Around the World

My heart goes out to the folks in Italy.  Many will be celebrating an albeit humble Easter.  Chin up, Italians; the US is donating $50,000 in emergency aid.  Some pretty funny comments after the article.  I piratically like the following:

“$50,000? Is that a typo? Why don’t we just send them some DVDs or an iPod?”

“ACORN got $4.17 billion dollars in the so-called “stimulus plan”.

Meanwhile, you’ve probably already read about the $900M in aid to rebuild Gaza.  Overall pledges from over 40 countries were $5B.  Hmmm.  So 2.5% of the donors paid 18% of the aid.  Interesting.  Sounds familiar (hat tip TaxProfBlog via Brain Terminal:

“Top 1% earned 19% of Income, Paid 28% of All Federal Taxes in 2006.”

While I’m sure this isn’t the most unbiased of sources, Hamas is planning on building a military staff college.  Wonder where they got the money to do that?  Guess they didn’t get Obama’s memo and good faith efforts to achieve peace through nonproliferation.

More On (Moron) Loudoun Taxes

I’ve been thinking about what the Loudoun County Government Administrator said last year about county taxes.  He said that the issue isn’t how high the taxes should be, rather how much taxes loudoun residents would pay.

In a recent public forum regarding the Loudoun County budget, the majority of the “public” at the forum seemed to be in favor of higher taxes.  In fact, they applauded it.  Flash back to 2004 when Loudoun County Board of Supervisors member created:

“Loudoun Legacy Fund to provide citizens the opportunity to voluntarily contribute funds above and beyond the taxes levied on real estate.

Through the Legacy Fund, individuals, businesses, estates, trusts and any other entity may make voluntary contributions and may designate those contributions to any of the agencies and departments of the Loudoun County Government, such as Parks, Recreation and Community Services; Economic Development; the Loudoun County Public Schools; and the Loudoun Public Library; and for projects such as road improvements and land easements. “

The website even provides who the check should be written out to and the address where the check should be sent.  Given the latest hoopla (a technical term) for and about higher taxes for Loudoun County residents, you’d think that this Legacy Fund was being used to the fullest, right?  Think again.  I was advised this week via voice mail from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors that the Legacy Fund was shut down for lack of use and interest.  If that doesn’t provide market research or proof of what Loudoun residents think of higher taxes, I don’t know what does.

For the Children!

Loudouners, get ready to pay more taxes.  If your a fiscal conservative, shut your mouth, as these tax increases are for The Children.  I understand that during tonight’s public forum on the budget, resounding applause was the response to mentions of increase in taxes to benefit the most glorious of all recipients–The Children.  So, higher taxes are needed in order to sustain the current level of funding for education in Loudoun.  Let me see if get this straight.  Am I to believe from the Loudoun County Government that for past xx number of years (any number will do here) the education budget is the most efficient and provided the most benefit with the least tax dollars?  I don’t buy it.  I just don’t.  How did we not spend to our means and tax dollars at that time.  We need to tighten our belts, not steal the clothes off our taxpayers backs!  Who are these people!?!  Am I the only who is completely disappointed with the county government and their lack of fiscal creativity or honesty.  WTF?  I hope my son doesn’t pick up this government’s bad habits!

Well, I say to those who support paying higher taxes–you are more than willing to pay higher taxes and you can go ahead and pay my share.  It’s called the Legacy Fund.

California “closes the gap” and changes “party politics.”

Apparently the real victory for Mr. Maldonado, the Republican who broke ranks to end the “crisis” (by raising taxes by almost $13billion) was a provision to create (or potentially create, subject to a referendum, of course) an “open primary” system.

A proposed constitutional amendment would go before voters in June 2010 instituting a “top-two” primary system, which would effectively eliminate party primary ballots, erase candidate party labels in primary elections and allow voters to choose the two candidates – of whatever party – who would compete in the general election.

An open primary would dissolve the current political primary system, and has the potential to seriously erode party power and change the entire landscape of state politics.

The measure was the work of Republican state Sen. Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria (Santa Barbara County), the swing vote Democrats needed to push through state budget legislation Thursday morning. That vote earned him the wrath of his party.

So, in other words, Maldonado has cut a deal whereas while earning the wrath of his party he weakens the party, therefore weakening the party’s ability to affect his reelection (by pushing an alternative in the primary). How “courageous” of Maldonado to cut a deal to protect his job, and how “bi-partisan” of all the other legislators to agree to protect their jobs from “party politics.”

Meanwhile, about $26 billion dollars of the Stimulus Package will be coming California’s way. Wonder how much of that will given BACK to Californians in a tax cut? Anyone want to guess?